Tottenham Sesongen 2018-19

Her kan du se Tottenham Hotspur's kampprogram på White Hart Lane for denne sesongen. Vi selger billetter til alle nedenstående hjemmebanekamper i Premier League og FA cupen med Tottenham Hotspur. Les mer om Tottenham her

Tottenham is one of the few clubs in England that can be categorized as an upper class club. While other associations were formed by factory workers and the likes, Tottenham was formed by young people at two private schools in northern London. The students were tired of playing cricket and created a football team instead: Hotspur FC.
Tottenham Hotspur has long been associated with having a strong Jewish fan base, who went on to choose the nicknames "Yids" and"Yid Army".
Tottenham is one of the biggest teams in England, despite not having won much. Tottenham has had several major players in their ranks over the years: Gary Lineker and Jürgen Klingsman are some of the English league's best players throughout the ages. In 2013 Tottenham sold Gareth Bale to Real Madrid for 100 million euros, the most expensive player of the time.
Tottenham is playing a very entertaining football and has some of the league's best players in their team,such as Kane, Eriksen, and Son. This upcoming season, they will try to impress their public by winning a trophy that's been missing for too long.

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Super fornøyd..

"Veldig fornøyd med hvor enkelt og oversiktlig det var å bestille billetter. Billettene fikk vi ..."
Per-erik, Kløfta
SØN, 28 JAN 2018

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